Transport Minister comments on Elham AbolFateh’s article

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Egypt Transport Minister Dr Hesham Arafat commented on an article written by writer and journalist Elham AbolFateh entitled “No for the privatization of railways”.

The minister said that the current state budget couldn’t finance the development of the Railways Authority and its technical support، the rehabilitation of human resources and the purchase of tractors and other logistical equipment necessary for the development of the authority.

In an interview to Sabah ElBalad program broadcasted on Sada ElBalad satellite channel، Arafat added that instead of putting forward the idea of privatizing the railways، we must open a room for training the drivers، those who follow up them and those who follow up the entire railway system.

Elham Abolfateh said in her article، “I am against this idea of privatizing the railways for many reasons، the first and most important one is that this facility is a mean of transportation for the poor and low-income people who depend on it in all their movements، especially in Upper Egypt and remote areas”.

The minister commented saying “”We support the involvement of the private sector in operating the railway authority، and this does not mean privatizing the railway sector”. “There are mechanisms that can be put in place to control the process of integrating the private sector”، Arafat noted.

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