Erdogan’s police stormed and detained opposition protesters in a court in Ankara

Turkish riot police on Thursday staged a protest in front of a court building in the capital, Ankara, in parallel to the trial of two Turkish teachers who began a hunger strike after their dismissal. By a government decree alleging their participation in last year’s military moves, and described by observers as artificial to pass dictatorial dictatorial decisions.

Erdogan’s police arrested a number of demonstrators participating in the protest, and some of them rioted, ripped and severely beaten their clothes outside the court building in Ankara, in flagrant violation of human rights and international conventions.

On Wednesday, Turkish authorities issued warrants for the arrest of 79 former school staff for allegedly links to the attempted military action against Erdogan last year.

The suspects were working in private schools and educational centers that prepare students for university entrance exams and many of them are run by Fathallah Gulen supporters.

About 150,000 people have been sacked or have been ordered to stop working in the public and private sectors since last year, including some who worked in schools founded by Gulen supporters, and more than 50,000 have been arrested for alleged links.

The campaign has stirred concern for rights groups and allies of Turkey in the West who fear that the government will take artificial army moves as a pretext to crush the opposition.

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