EU extends its sentences to 150 officials Russia and Ukraine

The European Union (EU) Thursday extended for six months individual sanctions imposed on some 150 Russian and Ukrainian officials for their alleged involvement in the conflict in eastern Ukraine, a statement said.

The EU Council, representing the 28 member states, said in a statement that “an assessment of the situation made it possible to conclude that there is no room for amending the sanctions package.”

The European Union’s “black list” includes four Russian and Ukrainian personalities, including a large number of rebel leaders and 38 “entities” (institutions, organizations or political parties) who threaten or threaten the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. Independence “.

Their property has been frozen in the union and can not be granted entry visas to the European Union.

The sanctions are part of a series of punitive measures the European Union has decided against Russia for its alleged support of separatists loyal to it since the outbreak of the conflict in the spring of 2014.

The European Union extended in late June for six months harsh economic sanctions announced in the summer of 2014, targeting the Russian banks, oil and defense sectors.

The clashes between the pro-Russian rebels and the Ukrainian army in eastern Ukraine have left more than 10,000 dead in about three and a half years. The Ukrainian capital Kiev and Western countries accuse Russia of backing the separatists and militarily, but Moscow strongly denies this.

The confrontations continue on the front line despite the signing of the Minsk Peace Accords in 2015 and the declaration of several hudans that the two sides share a charge of violating

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