Financial Times: American businessman Martin Shakirli was jailed for “feeling” Hillary

A US judge has sentenced a businessman and a drug trafficker to a businessman who is accused of fraud after appearing in a publication on the social Facebook site for a reward of $ 5,000 for anyone who can bring him “hair” from the newspaper, the Financial Times reported. Hillary Clinton, the former presidential candidate during her tour to promote her book.

The judge said that the request of Martin Shukrieli – who was convicted last month and released on bail of $ 5 million – is a threat to society because of the threat he issued against Hillary Clinton.

“This leaflet posed a threat,” Judge Kiyo Matsumoto said. He then overturned the bail sentence in a court in Brooklyn, New York, and was then handcuffed to jail.

Prosecutors said Chuckerley’s behavior, which posed a threat, forced the US Secret Service to “provide additional resources to ensure the safety of Hillary Clinton.”

The 34-year-old’s prison is the latest development in the strange story of Shakrieli, who became an international pariah in September 2015 to raise the price of AIDS from $ 13.50 to $ 750 and seemed to enjoy the reaction.

Clinton, who was then the Democratic presidential candidate, referred to his actions as an example of “price” in the pharmaceutical sector and promised to face rising prices and monitor the sector if elected.

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