Instagram launches new tools that allow ads to be displayed within “stories”

The Image Sharing Platform today unveiled new tools that give advertisers more flexibility in how to create and buy ads within Stories. Using a new uploader, advertisers can now use existing free “stories” as ads and can also do a variety of things that help In promoting their products.

“Advertisers can use camera features such as face filters, graphic tools and more to create a distinctive image or video and then reuse it as an ad,” said InStagram’s statement in a statement. “These features will be released globally in the coming weeks.

According to the site “Tech Insider” US, Instagram application now allows the display of “stories” on the web and desktop computers and smart phones, which helps to see by more users around the world.

Srories or stories, a feature that enables users to publish images and videos that disappear after 24 hours, and first appeared on Instagram application in 2016, having become already famous for the application of Snape Chat.

Globally, more than 250 million people use this feature every day, while the application currently has nearly 700 million users worldwide.

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