Japan supplies US ships with fuel under new security laws

The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (SDF) has provided US ships with security patrols to intercept North Korean missiles under new security laws that were activated last year, a Japanese government source said on Thursday.

Japan’s Chief Self-Defense Minister Yoshihida Soja, quoted by Japan’s Japan Times on its electronic version, said the members of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (SDDF) are engaged in activities to provide supplies to the US military under legislation enacted last year, but declined to disclose specific operations.

Suja told a news briefing he could not comment on the matter because he would have to disclose the details of the operations of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force and the US military.

Japanese fuel deliveries to US Aegis anti-ballistic missiles have been in operation since last April, and the fuel supply operation conducted today is the second as Japanese Self-Defense Forces (SDF) were operating under the new security regulations.

According to Japanese government sources, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force carried out the fuel supply operations after a revised Japan-US agreement was implemented in April on ways of logistics cooperation between their forces.

The new security legislation allows the SDF more freedom to supply oil and other supplies to US ships involved in ballistic missile deterrence and anti-piracy operations, the paper said.
On the other hand, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshida Soga on Thursday described the North Korean threat of flooding Japan with a nuclear bomb with the most provocative and infamous

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