Mysterious sea object appears on the Texas coast after Hurricane Harvey

The British newspaper The Independent published pictures of a strange object that appeared on Texas women after Hurricane Harvey struck the state late last August.

“The Atlantic Ocean was struck by a mysterious blind animal and sharp teeth on one of the Texas beaches, which died during Hurricane Harvey, which hit the United States in late August, the newspaper said in a report.

Britti Desai, a staff member of the National Audubon Society, an American environmental organization that has published images of the exotic animal at its expense on Twitter, said local residents in Texas found this strange object after Hurricane Harvey invaded the state.

Desai went to biologists from Twitter users to ask for help in determining the sex of the animal.

The scientists speculated that the creature was a type of “eel” fish, and then made it clear that it was from the acute tail eucalyptus, specifically, Aplatophis chauliodus, the eucalyptus.

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