Real Madrid will make Liverpool a joke

Roy Keane, one of the legends of Manchester United, ridiculed Liverpool’s professional defense against Egyptian Mohamed Salah after a 2-2 draw with Sevilla in a match at Anfield last night. Europe champions.

Forget it, Liverpool can go beyond the group stage, but it will become a joke if they face clubs such as Real Madrid, “said Roy Keane in a press statement.

“The second goal of the Sevilla team is to summarize Liverpool’s level of defense, which at this level the team can not win titles, a throw-in pitch where the Liverpool players stop paying attention to a draw in an important match. They do not know how to apply the easiest part of football.”

“Juergen Klopp may get mad because of this modest defense, you know that a team is getting a goal from a throw-in,” he said. “Liverpool’s defense reminds me of the defense of school students when they play football.”

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