Robbery of expensive US Army equipment in Poland

The Russian military channel Russia Today said that expensive equipment from the US military had been stolen in Poland.

The US military and the Polish military gendarmerie are reportedly searching the Lobskaya district for a US military transport container.

Unidentified assailants broke the container locks as they stood at a railway ramp in Jajani and stole equipment and special-use equipment worth more than 200,000 zloty (more than $ 55,000), the channel said, quoting sources.

The Polish Public Prosecutor maintains that there are no weapons, ammunition or explosive materials in the container, but only military binoculars and night vision devices. But the investigation did not confirm or deny it, but only mentioned that the equipment used by modern armies.

It should be noted that the United States has deployed in Poland a brigade of armor in the process of Atlantic Resolve, and currently a process of periodic exchange of elements and equipment of this piece of military. The number of US military personnel in the brigade is about 5.3 thousand and the most important of their combat mechanisms consists of Abrams tanks and Paladin self-propelled hawks.

For its part, announced the Polish leadership, it wants a permanent presence of US forces in its territory and increase the number of its members.

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