Teresa May received a speech about Precast in Italy on September 22

British Prime Minister Teresa Mae received her major speech on September 22 in the Italian city of Florence, “the historical heart” of Europe, according to the British government.

“The prime minister will deliver a speech on Friday (September 22nd) in Florence to present the status of the BRICEST negotiations,” the official spokesman said in a regular meeting with reporters.

“It will confirm the government’s desire for a close partnership, especially with the European Union, when the UK leaves the union,” he said.

In response to a question about why this place was chosen for the speech, the spokesman said Teresa Mae wanted to “address the future of the relationship with Europe in its historical heart,” referring to the city of Florence.

“Britain is leaving the EU, but we will maintain these close relations. As the prime minister has said several times, we are leaving the European Union rather than Europe,” he said.

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