Trump may restrict voters’ rights before 2020 elections

A number of members of President Donald Trump’s advisory committee on election integrity promoted false news before it began its second meeting on Tuesday, Newsweek said, noting that the panel might try to put limits on voter votes ahead of the next election.

In an article published by PrePart News ahead of the meeting, Vice-Chairman Chris Kubash repeated the allegation that more than 5,000 people in New Hampshire voted illegally during last year’s election. He pointed out that there was persistent voter fraud in the region, but the state’s foreign minister Bill Garder, who said the results of the New Hampshire election were genuine and correct, quickly denied.

But it turned out that a number of members of the group had a common goal: to circulate every known voter fraud before and during the 2016 elections and to clamp down on anything that would make it possible before the 2020 elections.

Ken Block, a researcher at the working group, former White House strategic planner Steve Bannon, presented the government accounting institute, a study that claimed there were about 40,000 examples of double voting in last year’s election. His report, which was criticized by election security experts for its lack of precision, was the subject of the main panel debate on Tuesday.

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