Vietnam prepares for Hurricane Doxori

Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Trenh Dinh Dung on Thursday ordered authorities to evacuate residents from areas expected to be hit by cyclone Doxuri within hours.

Dung also issued orders – as quoted by ABC News – to operators of fishing, transportation and tourist vessels to get out of the cyclone or take shelter and take cover away until it passes.

For their part, meteorologists warned of the possibility of floods and landslides in some northern and central parts of the country due to the heavy rains associated with Typhoon Doxuri, expected to be the strongest to hit Vietnam for several years.

The cyclone is expected to hit the center of the country on Friday, accompanied by winds of 135 km per hour, the National Meteorological Center of Vietnam said.

Vietnam, with a population of 93 million, is hit by tropical floods and storms each year, killing hundreds of people.

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