Police quiz Vegas killer’s family and ex-wives

Officers investigating America’s deadliest mass shooting have spoken to Stephen Paddock’s entire “family tree” including his two ex-wives, a Las Vegas police chief has said.

Clark County Sherrif Joe Lambardo said conversations with those who knew the shooter, who killed 58 people and injured almost 500, had shed new light on the shooter’s upbringing.

However, he conceded “we may never know” why the Mandalay Bay killer decided to carry out the devastating attack from his hotel room, shooting at nearby concertgoers on Sunday, 1 October.

“All those things that you would expect to find, we have not found,” he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Image:Las Vegas police standing guard along the streets outside the festival grounds

The sheriff said officers had not found anything significant from the first of two suites the video poker player stayed in.

He said investigators were still combing through the second room from which he carried out the atrocity before shooting himself dead.

Sheriff Lombardo said: “I think the frustrating thing is people expect the answers now, and I think the important thing is for people to understand this is going to take some time… we’re looking for a trigger point and right now we haven’t been able to find one.”

But Sheriff Lombardo insisted his officers were learning more about Paddock each day after speaking to those who knew him.

Image:Joe Lombardo said officers were learning more every day about Stephen Paddock

“I am comfortable in saying, on a day-to-day basis, we have a little bit more information,” he said.

“Something that happened in his life – a death or a divorce, a loss of job, all those things, radicalisation, all those things you would expect to find, we have not found.”

Officers’ inquiries revealed the killer’s gambling history, with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department chief confirming Paddock did not have any debts at the time of the shooting.

He also said the shooter had not had much interaction with other people during his one-week stay at the hotel, dispelling rumours the killer met with a prostitute for at least one night.

Image:Mourners lighting candles during a vigil for victims following the attack

Sheriff Lombardo looked to quash rumours Padock had driven into the desert near Mesquite to practice shooting rifles too and said he was not aware of any video footage that would verify the claims.

He said an examination of his brain revealed no abnormalities.

The comments come after Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, told police she had no concerns about the killer’s mental health.

Inquiries into the incident continue.