Trump thinks nuclear deal is part of Iran problem

This fight with Iran was one Donald Trump promised to have, both during the election campaign and since.

Mr Trump hates former president Obama’s Iran deal just as he hates his Affordable Care Act and his deal on helping the children of illegal immigrants.

:: Trump refuses to certify ‘one-sided’ Iran nuclear deal

In essence Donald Trump thinks the nuclear deal does not go anywhere near far enough.

He thinks the nuclear issue is only part of the problem with the Iranians.

He thinks they spread “death and destruction” around the world with their sponsorship of terror groups, their backing of the Hezbollah group and the nefarious activities of the all powerful Revolutionary Guards.

Video:Trump: Iran has broken ‘spirit’ of nuclear deal

So he sees things very simply – let’s go for a tougher agreement covering all these other areas and let’s deny Iran the ability to do all the bad stuff.

But there are two problems immediately obvious.

One, had there been a chance of a broader deal it would have been done. There was not that chance.

And two, Iran seems broadly to be sticking to the deal that was done and they will not agree to any wider deal.

The result? The deal falls apart, Iran pursues its nuclear ambitions and the world is suddenly a much more dangerous place.

So the generals around him are telling the President not to kill off the deal but find a way to make his point anyway. That seems to be what he is doing on Friday.

But the timing is odd. Why pick the fight with Iran now?

There is a deal – not a perfect deal – but a deal all the same.

There is no deal at all with North Korea and they are racing ahead with their nuclear bomb and the means to deliver it.

The threat is real, and present and dangerous. Perhaps get that sorted first.