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Transcript for James Comey Half 1: Telling Trump in regards to the ‘file’

or George Stephano. Reporteomey. A polarizing man, for a polarized time. Llary Clinton sahat he value her the white home. Do tt known as him an untruthful slimeball. Now, he’s sharing his story ou on the crossroa of essentially the most controversial election in trendy historical past. You say it is a harmful in our strive. I believe it’s. And I selected these phrases rigorously. I used to be apprehensive once I selected the phrase “Er first. I believed, is that an overstatement? And I do not assume it’s. Reporter: Why not? I fear that the norms on the centthis nation, an struggle as People about weapons, taxes or immigrn. We at all times have, however what we’ve got in frequent is a set of norms.momportantlythe fact. And if wse that, if we lose tethering our leadeo that what are we? Reporter: I’ve talked to lots of people who’ve watched you for a protracted T a few of them come out with this storyline on James Comey. “Right here was Y beloved Bein FBI director. He received fired. He’sry.” I get why pe would thk that. That is simply not proper, although. Repr: Welcomeo election evening 2016. What a C marketing campaign this H been. In his new guide “The next loyalty,” Comey describes the fateful selections across the 2016 presintcampaign. The place had been you because the returns had been coming? Ihink I used to be house that evening. Reporter: And check states are in. So let’s proper to it. U did not vote? No. Reporter: Why not? Iirector ofhe FBI. I am Ying to beutside of politics. That I should not be choosingbethe candides. Reporter: Have a look at that, george.donald trump is again within the lead within the state onnsylvania. I used to be shocked. Reporter: If he wins Pennsylvania, it’s preselect trump. All of us had been working world the place the polls had been displaying that Donald Trump had Chan R he’s now going to be the 45th president the Ed states. The motuupset in American political histo elect Donald A complete lot of me was pondering, oh, my god.d we’ve got me position inhis? Weme influence on the election? Reporte does UT inform you? I do not know the reply. And in a method, I care in regards to the answ and in a method, it would not matter in any respect. I actually wasn’t making selections sed on political fnes. Eporter: Oa chilly winter day in January, Comey heads to trump tower to satisfy with the presidenect for the fi time. Had been you nervous? Sure. Reportehat had been you afraid of? W’m about to satisfy an individual who would not know me, who’s simply been elected president of america. From my Wang him durg the marketing campaign, could possibly be unstable. And I am about to speak to him about allegations that hs invo with prostutes in Moscow and that the Russians taped it and have leverage over Reporter: It was the primary time you monald trump. What was ? He had imprvely coiffed hair. It appears to be like to be all his. I confess, I stared at it fairly carefully and my Rion was, it St take loads of time within the ING. His tie was too lengthy, because it at all times is.he appeared hte up whichasre from tanning goggles. Eporter: C and a bunch of intelligence company heads had been to temporary the president-elect a couple of disturbing report on Russian meng within the eltion. What was their response? Presidelect trump’s F query was to conftht Hano influence on the election. Then the dialog, to my shock, moved right into a pr dialog a hhe trump staff would place this they usually may saout this. That is simply not completed. Reporter: You asaid you had been struck by what they did not ask. Vy a lot. Nobody, to my recollection, requested, “So, what’s coming subsequent from the Russians? How would possibly we cease it? What is the future appear to be?” There was none of that. It was all, what can we are saying about what they did unit impacts the election that we simply had. Reporteou as this was occurring, you had a ashback Toour early days as a prosecutor. I had a flash my days investigating the mafia, la cosa nostra. Reporter: Many years earlier, Comey realized la cosa nostra, “Our factor” in Italian, as a lawyer prosecu the Gambino crime household headed by John gotti. Within the mafia, a person is measu by the strenof his loyty. There’s aistinction between a pal of yours and a pal of ours. I felt thifoke us all, and perhaps this wasn’t their intention, however it’s the best way it felt to make us all “Amica nostra.”we’re all a part of messaging. We’re all a part of the trouble. Boss is on the Hof the desk and wegonna fig out gether how to do that. Reporter: How strs it so that you can sit right here and comp the prest to a mob boss? Very unusual. And I do not do it liy. And I am not attempting to, by that, by the best way, counsel president trump is out breaking legs and shaking down shopkes. However ind,speaking about ishat management tradition continually comes again ten I thinouxperience with the trump administration. Repr:u assume Yo shou have mentioned one thing then? Possibly. I believe the explanation in’t, I hope is clear to people, is about to remain behind to speak about alletiat the president being concerned with prostitutes in mos and I believed, that is received to be my focus. Reporter: He was about to inform trump tteele ssier. Saous. Unverified. And so expveat Comey steered eryone else go away the room, which they did. How graphic did you get? I believe as graphic as I wanted to be. I dinot go into the enterprise about folks peeing on E and he interrupted, began king about it. You already know, “Do I appear to be a man wants hookers?” I did not ar that, ani simply D on and defined, “Sir, I am not saying that we credit score th M not saying we imagine it. We simply GHT it Ver essential that know.” Rr: What was the look on his face? He was very defen and beginning into aist of people that had accused him of touching them impropsexual ass how he hadn’t completed this, he hadn’t completed that hadn’t try this Reporter: Did you inform him he Steele file Haen financed by his political opnents? No. ‘T — I do not thinused the time period “Steele file,” I simply talked about extra materials. Orter: However did he a proper to knoat? That it’dn financedy his political opponents? I do not know the reply tot. Itasn’t neceary for my purpose, which was rt him that we had this informati Reporter: Did you Bel his Al I hy by no means thought ese phrases uld come out of my mouth, however I do not know whether or not the present president of america was with prostitutes peeing on one another in Moscow in 2013. It is doable, however I do not know. Ter: How bizarre was T briefing? Actually weir I simply needed to get it completed and get out of there. Reporter:ht after go away the ING, Comey started to take notes about trump’s startling conduct, fethat the president-elect would possibly later lie about what was mentioned. I had, clearly, as soon as about that earlier, having watchem on the marketing campaign is somebody who for whom the reality will not be a excessive worth. Reporter: The storyho James Comey got here to have THA assembly withmp begins at a unassuming home in allendale, New Jersey, a suburb of New York Metropolis. How previous are you right here? I Thi about 6 in that image and I used to be rocking issues. It wasn’t working within the60s both, however my mother lower our hair and that is the best way she lower it. Eporter: Describe what life was like on this home. T N. My father at all times made it his enterprise to be right here for dinner and also you’d havetalk about what occurred to you through the day. Reporter: However in that home, an armed intruder broke in. Rrifying 16-year-old Comey and his youthful brother. You say it C Y. How? It gave me an incredible sense of urgency and the preciousness life. It additionally gave me nice, nice empathy for the victims of crime. Rtehe boy wourow as much as enter the elite of regulation enement. Underneath George W. Bush. And, lastly, director of the FBI. It was the job of a me, then got here 2016 election, the place his selections have bee or changinthe course of historical past. Your critics say that is the place your egoot the besof you. This was your authentic sin.

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