Politics: Diane Abbott slammed for using fake picture of ‘Israeli attack on Iran’ on Twitter

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DIANE Abbott has been slammed for tweeting a fake picture of a plane bombing Iran in an attack on Syria strikes.

In a huge gaffe earlier today the Shadow Home Secretary lashed out at minister Penny Mordaunt for claiming that Parliament should not be allowed to vote on action in the war-torn country.

Diane Abbott used this Photoshopped image to talk about Syrian attacks

But she also tweeted out a Photoshopped image of what an Israeli air bomb attack on Iran could like.

The Jeremy Corbyn ally was left red-faced after she said today: “Shocking to hear Tory minister on @BBCr4today claim that you can’t allow Parliament to vote on war because that would be to “outsource the decision to people who don’t have all the info”.

“Do these people understand what parliamentary democracy is?”

The image is thought to originally come from a blog in 2012 called The Aviationist which mocked up a blast using computer software.

Diane Abbott has been mocked again over the error on her Twitter feed this morning
The blog the image is thought to have originally come from
It said the image was ‘fictional’ and made up just for their website

It wrote back in 2012: “The following drawing, exclusively prepared by Al Clark for The Aviationist, shows how an attack by a formation of F-15Is on a nuclear facility located in downtown Tehran might look like.

“Obviously, it is only a fictional scene.”

Tory vice-chair James Cleverly demanded she remove the “outrageous, childish and misleading” tweet as it was a gross misrepresentation.

He stormed: “The picture is outrageous, childish, and misleading, it is totally unacceptable for you to use it.

“To imply that this was a attack on civilian homes, as the picture does, is a vile misrepresentation and dishonours the RAF personnel involved.

“Delete the tweet and apologise.”

Hours after her original tweet Ms Abbott added: “Apparently, my use of this pic is ‘important news’.

“Yes, UK goes to war without UN approval or even parliamentary debate.

“But the most important news is what pics I use in a tweet. Pathetic.”

But Twitter users were quick to tell her: “It’s a fake picture love. Not very professional in my opinion.”

Another wrote: “It’s important when you have absolutely no clue what you’re doing or talking about.”

One person said: “Using an obvious photo-shopped CGI image to illustrate your barking thoughts just amplifies how far above your pay grade this is.”

Last week the Shadow Home Secretary was ridiculed after she suggested that World War II is the only war she would ever support.

Jeremy Corbyn’s close ally refused to say whether or not Labour would ever back taking military action in the Middle East during a car-crash interview.

She also failed to explain how a “political solution” in Syria is possible with Russia vetoing any attempts to investigate the country through the UN.

Jeremy Corbyn again fails to back Syria strikes and calls for UN talks instead

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