Politics: EU plans to build Moonraker-style giant LASER which can ‘blow people’s heads off’

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BRUSSELS is to build a giant laser weapon sparking fears of a Brexit arms race, The Sun can reveal.

The planned 100-kilowatt “European high power laser effector” triggered claims the EU is trying to rip off the our world-leading laser technology before the UK leaves.

Jean-Claude Juncker pictured as Bond baddie Ernst Stavro BlofeldThe Ministry of Defence’s £30million missile and drone-zapping Dragonfire beam was unveiled last year.

But now Jean-Claude Juncker’s European Commission has put a June deadline for “a consortium of scientists” to come forward with plans for an even bigger laser.

And the successful boffins will be given taxpayer funds from the €90million EU Preparatory Action for Defence Research to research the “laser weapon”.

EU Commission research programmes officer Dr Erno Vandeweert joked if someone was shot with it “the whole head would disappear.

The world’s militaries are trying to defend against new threats such as drones

Defence contractors and experts were invited to Brussels nightclub Area 42 last Thursday to be briefed by the Belgian physicist on the plan.

A slideshow presented said: “Current European high power laser effectors rely mainly on non-European technology and are based on architectures that combine incoherent beams on the target.

“The EU thus risks becoming fully dependent on suppliers established in non-EU countries for this critical defence technology.”

They have been set the target to have the weapon to be ready for “military end users” by 2027.

The US Navy have been testing similar weapons

Last night former ISAF commander Lieutenant-General Jonathon Riley said: “This appears to be a blatant attempt for Brussels to start a Brexit arms race with the UK.”

The board member of pro-Brexit group Veterans for Britain went on: “They are playing catch up on our brilliant technology and defence ministers must make sure nothing is shared with what looks like a rival to the UK’s Dragonfly.”

And the TaxPayers’ Alliance said: “Anyone who thinks British taxpayers should pay for Jean-Claude Juncker to play Blofeld with a giant ray gun must be off their heads already.”

Boss John O’Connell blasted: “Britain is a world leader in laser technology and it is ridiculous to suggest that Britons should subsidise the EU’s efforts to catch up.”


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