Politics: Fury as shamed Ukip chief Neil Hamilton says Enoch Powell’s racist ‘rivers of blood’ speech was RIGHT

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SHAMED Ukip politician Neil Hamilton today sparked fury after he said Enoch Powell’s racist “rivers of blood” speech was RIGHT about the dangers of immigration.

The former Tory – who now leads the Welsh branch of Ukip – praised the notorious speech after it was controversially replayed on the BBC.

Neil Hamilton has defended Enoch Powell’s ‘rivers of blood’ speech

Rivals blasted Mr Hamilton’s “utterly despicable” support for Powell and said he was proving Ukip are far-right sympathisers.

It is 50 years since Powell claimed non-white immigration would result in “much blood” and and mean that “the black man will have the whip hand over the white man”.

The speech – which got him sacked by Tory leader Ted Heath – was repeated in full on Radio 4 over the weekend, leading to claims the BBC was encouraging racial hatred.

But Mr Hamilton, who lost his seat in Parliament due to a sleaze scandal and later quit the Tories to join Ukip, told BBC Radio Wales that Powell’s predictions about the scale of social change have been proven correct.

Enoch Powell became one of the most divisive figures of British politics

He said: “The idea that Enoch Powell was some kind of uniquely racist villain is absolute nonsense.

“Powell actually changed politics by articulating the fears and resentments of millions and millions of people who are being ignored by the establishment.”

Mr Hamilton added: “A great proportion of the white population of central London has moved out to the suburbs.

“Is it a good thing that we should have our great cities transformed into effectively racial ghettos?”

Welsh Lib Dem boss Jane Dodds said Mr Hamilton’s views were “utterly despicable”, adding: “Powell was a racist, plain and simple. To hear someone trying to defend and justify his racist views shows how delusional and out of touch Ukip really are.”

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