Politics: Jeremy Corbyn launches bid to FORCE ministers to ask permission from MPs before taking military action

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JEREMY CORBYN today launches a bid to stop the Government launching military action without the approval of MPs.

The Labour boss will lead an emergency debate in the Commons seeking to bind the hand of Theresa May and future Prime Ministers.

Jeremy Corbyn wants a new law stopping the Government taking military action

He wants a new law which would take away the right of the Government to go to war whenever it wants.

The attempt comes after Mrs May joined US-led bombing raids on Syria without seeking the permission of Parliament.

She has been heavily criticised by MPs across the political spectrum – including by many who supported her decision to launch strikes on the Assad regime.

Commons Speaker John Bercow has granted Mr Corbyn a debate on the right of Parliament to veto the use of British military force overseas.

Theresa May defended her decision to launch strikes on Syria

The Labour leader recently called for a “war powers act” which would remove the constitutional right of the PM to take military action whenever she wants.

Mr Corbyn says the only situation where the Government should be able to use force without a vote by MPs is urgent self-defence.

After today’s debate, there will be a symbolic vote on the motion, “That this House has considered Parliament’s rights in relation to the approval of military action by British Forces overseas”.

​PM Theresa May explains why UK took military action against Assad regime in Syria in Commons statement

The Government is expected to fight against the vote because Mrs May is worried about setting a precedent.

Last night the Tories fought off a separate attempt to embarrass them with another symbolic vote on the Syria military action.

Mr Corbyn has clashed with his own MPs as Labour moderates lined up to praise the PM for taking action against Assad’s use of chemical weapons.

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