Politics: Lib Dem council candidate who shared vile posts from anti-immigrant ‘genocide’ group suspended

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A LIB Dem council candidate who allegedly shared vile posts from a group who say they want to stop the “genocide” of white Brits has been suspended.

Lynn Appleby, who was running for office for the Sandhill wars in Sunderland, was booted from the party last week, PoliticsHome reported.

Lynn Appleby made the offensive comments on Facebook

She allegedly shared Facebook posts from a group called Infidels of Britain – including a post about a Muslim Dad who says he’s not responsible to having 11 kids.

The group’s page says: “It has been predicted that White Britons will become a minority by 2066…. This amounts to GENOCIDE which is a crime under international law.”

And it wants to put a “complete halt to immigration” and reduce the immigrant population to around one million people.

She was reported to have shared posts saying: “Jeremy Corbyn hates Jews and loves Muslims” with a pose of him appearing to make a Hitler-like salute, and another saying that a “terrorist leader caught hiding among migrants”.

Another post said: “When will people realize ‘Don’t breed em if you can’t feed em.'”

She shared a post from Infidels of Britain Facebook group
She also said back in 2015 that people shouldn’t ‘breed’ if they can’t ‘feed’ their kids
And shared this post of Jeremy Corbyn ‘hates’ Jews
Another one of the posts Lynn shared was about ‘sharia law’

She was called on by another Facebook user earlier this month, and suspended last week, PoliticsHome reported.

A North East Labour party spokesperson told the website: “We were disappointed to see these posts on social media from the ex-Lib Dem candidate for Sandhill Ward as the language used fell well below the level of respect that a political candidate should have for the people they’re seeking to represent.

“There are no excuses.”

She was called out for her posts by another Facebook user

A Liberal Democrat spokesperson told the Sun: “As soon as this was brought to our attention last Friday the person was suspended from the party pending investigation.
“The individual involved has received notification of the suspension.”




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