Politics: Son of cancer-suffering Windrush immigrant was set to be deported TOMORROW, Labour MP reveals

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THE SON of a cancer-suffering Windrush immigrant was due to be deported tomorrow, a Labour MP has revealed.

Tottenham MP David Lammy revealed the case of 35-year-old Mozi Haynes today, who will travel to St Vincent’s tomorrow.

The ex-troopship ‘Empire Windrush’ first arrived at Tilbury Docks in 1948

He told LBC Radio he was buying his own ticket to avoid the “shame” of being kicked out.

He added: “I love Britain, it’s been my home for so long. I don’t really know anywhere else.

“It’s hostile, it’s just the way it is. I’m trying to stay strong for Mumma.”

His mother, Ruth Williams, who came to the UK in 1959, said today: “I feel betrayed and a second class citizen in my own country. This makes me so sad and the Home Office must show some compassion.

“I am unwell and almost 75, I live on my own and I need my son to stay here. I need my family around me and I can’t face being alone. He has applied to the Home Office and been refused twice.”

Mr Lammy said: “This is a national disgrace. What is going on in the Home Office makes me ashamed of our great country.

“The Prime Minister must act urgently to halt this deportation and all other Windrush deportations. Heads must roll over this and the Home Secretary and immigration minister must consider their positions.”

The Prime Minister personally apologised to Caribbean leaders earlier today for the treatment of the Windrush generation immigrants.

“Those who arrived from the Caribbean before 1973 and lived here permanently without significant periods of time away in the last 30 years have the right to remain in the UK,” she promised today.

“As do the vast majority of long-term residents who arrived later, and I don’t want anybody to be in any doubt about their right to remain here in the United Kingdom.”

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