Politics: Stop the War protest attended by leading Corbynista MPs labels Syrian tyrant Assad a ‘very good man’ because ‘he’s a doctor’

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A PROTEST by Stop the War attended by leading Corbynista MPs was filled with pro-Assad apologists who said the Syrian tyrant was a “very good man” because “he’s a doctor”.

At the event outside Parliament last night the Labour MP and former shadow minister Chris Williamson gave a speech questioning whether the vile regime was even behind the chemical attack in Douma – saying there is “no evidence”.

The Stop the War protest attended by leading Corbynista MPs saw Syrian tyrant Assad labelled a ‘very good man’

The demonstration, which was entitled “Stop the Rush to War”, was meant to be urging Theresa May to not take part in further air strikes, after she authorised targeted bombing raids at the weekend without seeking Parliament’s approval.

But interviews on the ground saw dozens of supporters for Syria’s President, draped in the country’s flag, defending him and denying he was behind the killings of dozens of people including children in Eastern Ghouta.

Speaking to ITV News, one woman asked if she believed “murderer” Assad over Theresa May she said “of course”, adding that: “He’s not a murderer! He’s the President of a country for God’s sake.”

She also denied that the Syrian president was responsible for the deaths of his own people, with other demonstrators shouting in agreement behind her.

The demonstration against the bombings in Syria took place outside Parliament last night

The woman said: “The opposition is, and Britain is, and France is and America is.”

Asked if Assad is a “good person” she told correspondent Paul Brand he was, turning to a group of protesters to ask of they thought the same.

After they agreed she added:  “He’s a very good man, he’s a doctor for heaven’s sake! Do you think he goes around killing Syrian people?”

She was far from the only one backing the dictatorial regime, with another pro-Assad supporter spoke approvingly of Mr Corbyn.

Asked what his message was to the Labour boss was he told the Guido Fawkes website: “Well done, carry on doing it. Stand for the truth”

One woman who spoke to the media denied the Syrian president was responsible for the deaths of his own people

The event, which was going on while the House of Commons debated the weekend’s military action, was attended by several Labour MPs as well as Mr Williamson.

The Shadow Justice Secretary Richard Burgon was joined by controversial Corbynista Emma Dent Coad and backbencher Lloyd Russell-Moyle.

Mr Williamson spoke to the crowd, questioning the Prime Minister’s statements that the Syrian government was behind the chemical attacks.

He said: “Why would the Assad regime at this stage of the appalling conflict in Syria, where he’s virtually won the battle for Eastern Ghouta, launch a chemical weapons attack when it would be bound to bring on the wrath of the West?”

Echoing the lines used by Syria’s supporters in Russia, he said: “The motive is questionable, the evidence – where is the evidence? It just isn’t there.”

He also appeared to promote a conspiracy theory that the strikes were aimed at hiding the truth of the chlorine bombs, Mr Williamson added: “And it’s no coincidence, it seems to me, that on the day before the OPCW inspectors were due to start their inspection, these air strikes took place.

“What is going on? There are very serious questions, it seems to me, that need to be answered.”

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