World News: Horrifying moment giraffe accidentally kills itself in a zoo after getting its neck stuck in a branch while trying to scratch an itch

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THIS is the tragic moment a giraffe shockingly dies after trapping his neck between two towering tree branches trying to scratch an ITCH.

The 10-year-old male named ‘Hairong’ had been living at China’s Kunming Zoo for five years up until its bizarre death.


Worried zoo staff used a ladder to reach Hairong’s trapped head[/caption]


Vets say the 10-year-old died after after suffering a severe neck injury[/caption]

Visitors to the attraction, in Yunnan Province, were horrified to see the large animal’s neck lodged between thick branches.

Worried zoo staff used a ladder to reach Hairong’s head but turned to sawing one of the branches off when they could not push the animal’s neck out of the gap.

Video provided by a bystander showed the giant collapsing to the ground in its enclosure after one of the branches was removed and its neck was finally freed.

The animal then accidentally smashes a zoo employee on the head while on the way down.


The tragic beast fell onto a zoo worker as it collapsed[/caption]


Giant Hairong had been living at China’s Kunming Zoo for five years[/caption]

Employees at the Kunming Zoo performed chest compressions on Hairong and said the animal tried several times to stand up; however, it was later pronounced dead by vets after having suffered a severe neck injury.

The zoo said Hairong often used the tree to scratch itches it could not reach. They believe he was attempting to do the same when he snagged his neck between the branches.

The tragic incident is still being investigated by the authorities, but will do little China’s reputation of having appalling zoo facilities.

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