World News: Inside the bizarre ‘father-son’ relationship between Trump and Mike Tyson… and how ‘Iron Mike’ ‘tried to kill himself over’ rumours The Donald was sleeping with his wife

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PRESIDENT Donald Trump and Mike Tyson had a bizarre “father-son” relationship which was so intense the boxer almost killed himself over surfacing rumours.

Although there is a 20-year age gap between the pair, Trump found so much solace in “Iron Mike’s” fearlessness to such an extent, he took on the boxer’s bravado to win his shock election victory in 2016.

Donald Trump and Mike Tyson pose at a press conference in July 1988

The pair met in Atlantic City, New Jersey as Tyson was set to fight  Olympic boxing gold medallist Michael “Jinx” Spinks – a battle Trump organised in 1988.

Held at the Trump Plaza Hotel, Tyson won the fight within a striking 91 seconds, and he became so confident, he ditched his coach Clayton to hire Trump as his “chief strategist”.

Trump publicly gushed about his son-like friend, telling reporters, Mike said ridiculous things but he knew how to use “fear and outrage as a psychological weapon”, according to a report by Chris Ayres in the April issue of British GQ.

These weapons Trump so famously used during his US election race, pummelling his Republican rivals and Hillary Clinton with a barrage of derogatory insults and beams of intimidation.

Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson puts an arm around his wife, Robin Givens. Her mother, Ruth Roper looks on accompanied by Trump in 1988

Although Tyson was said to have an “unsettling air”, as novelist Joyce Carol Oates wrote, he also was described as being extremely sensitive and intelligent.

Trump wrote in his 1990 memoir: “Mike does have some unusual habits and attitudes, especially when it comes to money,” but always made sure to promote his better characteristics.

At the height of their relationship, Trump recalled handing Tyson $10million after winning his fight against Spinx.

Performing the role of the irresponsible son, Tyson admitted misplacing the cheque.

Tyrell Biggs; Promoter Don King, Mike Tyson and Donald Trump pose during a 1987 press conference

But their cosy connections began to fall apart when Tyson reportedly convinced himself that his wife, Robin Givens, was sleeping with Trump.

In a heated discussion, a furious Tyson is said to have repeatedly asked Trump: “Are you f***ing my wife?”

Trump strongly denied his claims saying the “thoughts never appeared in his mind”.

But Tyson was so affected by the rumours that it’s thought he may have tried to kill himself soon after his showdown with Trump – bizarrely driving his BMW into the tree of a nearby mansion while completely sober.

Despite years of rocky relations, their fondness for one another appears not to have faded over time.

When Tyson performed his one-man show, Undisputed Truth, Trump went backstage to say it was “beautiful”.

Tyson also returned the favour by endorsing the President when announcing his candidacy three years later.

With tables turned, the father learned from the son as it is not Tyson that is one of the most feared men in the world, it’s Trump, President of the United States of America.

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