World News: Monster New Zealand mum Kasmeer Lata sold her daughter as a sex slave more than 1,000 TIMES in just two years

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MONSTER New Zealand mum Kasmeer Lata sold her teenage daughter as a sex slave more than 1,000 TIMES in just two years.

Together with her partner she pimped out the teenager ‘s body to men as much as five times a day – starting on her daughter’s 15th birthday.

Kasmeer Lata sold her daughter as a sex slave more than 1,000 times

They kept the traumatised teen as a prisoner inside their home in Auckland, where she finally escaped in November 2016.

Lata was sentenced today in the High Court at Auckland for dealing in slaves – the third conviction for slave trading in the country’s legal history.

In a victim statement read out in court, the teen asked what she did to deserve her mother.

The 18-year-old, who has lifelong anonymity, said: “I have to make up lies about four years of my life and why I live on my own without my parents’ support.

Lata was brought in to court in Auckland, where she was sentenced to more than three years in jail

“I see men differently now, I think they always want something from me and that is why they are talking to me.

“I always wanted my mum to be a normal person … I wonder what I did to deserve my mum? All I wanted was your love as a child, teenager, and your girl.”

The New Zealand Herald reported how the 36-year-old sick mum pimped out her daughter over an 18-month period, keeping about half of the $100,000 (£70,000) earnings she had made from selling her teenager’s body.

The court heard how the family had moved to New Zealand from Fiji a year before the horror began.

Their status as illegal immigrants meant the daughter was unable to enroll in school without alerting authorities, and the family ran out of money.

Lata’s sickening response was to place an advert on Craigslist to flog her daughter’s sexual services, and another in the New Zealand Herald.

The mum lied about her daughter’s age in both ads and soon increased the business to as many as five “appointments” a day, each costing around $200 (£140) per hour.

Lata, who was herself a prostitute, forced her daughter to pay rent and bills with the money she earned from selling her body.

The tragic teenager discovered she was pregnant in mid-2015 but was told by her mum to keep working to pay for an abortion, which she later had.

Justice Matthew Muir said Lata’s offending has caused “long-lasting, if not irreparable damage to her daughter” as she “effectively pimped her out”.

She was sent to prison for a minimum of three years and five months for dealing in slaves and receiving earnings from commercial sexual services from an underage person.

Lata’s partner Avneensh Sehgal pleaded guilty to dealing in underage people for sexual exploitation and receiving earnings from underage sexual exploitation just minutes after Lata was sentenced.

Sehgal was due to go to trial next week and will now be sentenced next month.

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