World News: Pair of randy male gorillas caught sharing a sexual embrace by shocked photographer

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RANDY male gorillas have been caught sharing an intimate moment by a startled photographer.

Shirley Kroos, 30, was visiting Rotterdam Zoo in the Netherlands when she caught a pair of young gorillas up to no good.

Aybo and Thabo seemed to be getting on very well

The male gorillas who were caught in the act are Aybo, three-and-a-half, and Thabo, three, who live at the zoo.

The gorillas, who appear to know they’ve been caught, can be seen embracing in multiple ways much to the photographer’s surprise.

However, despite their awkward eye contact, the gorillas don’t seem to mind their audience, as a selection of photographs show their ongoing actions.

Shirley said: “They were doing some adult things with each other playfully.

The two gorillas didn’t seem to mind who saw them as they got frisky
Photographer Shirley Kroos was snapping away when the gorillas started going at it
Shirley said the male gorillas were in a playful mood and enjoying each other’s company
The two boys were ‘having fun together’ said Shirley

“Before and after they were running around with some toys they were given by the zookeepers.

“So they were just in a playful mood and enjoyed each other’s company.

“It was great watching these two boys having fun together – they made me laugh and it was very unique capturing them on camera.”

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