World News: Raging Kim Jong-un accuses Britain of an ‘act of war’ after the Royal Navy deploys THREE warships to North Korea’s doorstep

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WORRIED Kim Jong-un has accused Britain of an “act of war” by sending Royal Navy warships to patrol the waters in the Korean Peninsula.

The three armed vessels will help police sea trade as under-pressure Pyongyang looks on the brink of giving up its nuclear stockpile during talks with the US.

HMS Sutherland seen escorting two Russian warships as they passed through the Channel

However, North Korea sees the small fleet’s deployment very differently and has called the move “nothing short of an act of war.”

UK officials were blasted for “poking into affairs that are none of their business” by sending HMS Sutherland, HMS Albion and HMS Argyll into action.

North Korea’s state news agency branded the warships “nothing short of an act of a naval blockade and an act of war that undermines peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula”.

It added: “The UK would be well advised to deal with its domestic issues properly, instead of ingratiating itself with others and poking into affairs that are none of their business.

HMS Duncan was the British Navy’s sixth Type 45 Destroyer
HMS Albion which will be the third navy warship deployed to the Asia-Pacific

“This is clearly an act that harms the positive trend for the improvement of north-south relations and easing of tension on the Korean Peninsula, which is welcomed by the entire world, and also an act of infringement upon the sovereignty of the DPRK.”

Last week we reported how Marine commandos were sailing to North Korea to help police strict UN sanctions aimed at putting the squeeze on the rogue state.

HMS Albion will monitor prohibited trading that is funding despotic Kim’s nuclear programme.

UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson confirmed the mission would be the third warship sent to the Asia-Pacific this year.

North Korea Leader Kim Jong-un is set to see his country’s sea trade policed by Navy Marines

He said: “It shows our commitment to our international responsibilities and to maintaining peace, security and prosperity in the region.

“Until North Korea matches words with actions, we’ll continue to work closely with allies to enforce sanctions.”

HMS Albion and HMS Sutherland will also train with the US, Republic of Korea and Japan.

Marines launching a simulated assault from HMS Albion during a 2010 demonstration of her capabilities
HMS Albion was briefly the Royal Navy’s flagship after carrier HMS Ark Royal was decommissioned

HMS Albion – which was almost axed under a cuts review just months ago – will conduct joint exercises and training.

The vessel is used to launch Royal Marines onto land to seize beaches.

Officials said the deployment of the three ships will mean the Royal Navy will have a vessel in the region for the first time since 2013 and will have an almost unbroken presence there this year.

Royal Navy patrol ship HMS Mersey closely monitors Russian spy ship as it sails up the Channel

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