World News: Syria’s air defence shoots down nine ‘Israeli missiles’ after fresh airstrike over Homs

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THE Syrian air defence has shot suspected Israeli missiles out of the sky after a new airstrike.

Videos on social media show what appear to be shots fired over a region North of Damascus.

Video shows lights in the sky above Homs, believed to be missiles fired by Israeli warplanes

Syrian media says the country’s military has confronted an “aggression” and has shot down missiles over Homs.

Although no confirmation of who launched the strike, local media has blamed Israel.

The Pentagon denied there being new US military activity in the area.

Up to 9 missiles were intercepted and destroyed by the Syrian Armed Forces, a military source said.

According to yet unconfirmed reports, the missiles entered Syrian airspace from Lebanon.

Videos on social media show, what local media claim, are air defences shooting down at least 9 missiles
The Syrian chemical weapons facility after the joint air strikes on Saturday
AP:Associated Press
Skies over Damascus lit up by missile fire as a US, UK, France coalition launch revenge strikes in Syria
AP:Associated Press
A Syrian solider takes a picture of the wreckage and surveys the damage after the missile blast
AFP or licensors

Tensions in the region are high after the British RAF joined US and French forces in unleashing a blitz on evil Bashar al-Assad’s chemical weapons capabilities after a poison gas attack that killed at least 75 people last week.

Syria, and allies Russia, had previously accused Israel of carrying out a deadly airstrike which killed 14 people last week.

Meanwhile Russian warships laden with military hardware have been spotted heading to Syria.

Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad is said to be in a “good mood” despite the recent airstrikes on his chemical warfare plants.

Russian media reported the 52-year-old leader, who has been in power since 2000, had not fled to Iran before the US, UK and French operation.

The UK has been warned to brace for cyber attacks over its involvement.

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